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The Guardians and Dong Young


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The Princess of Heaven, Chun-yoo , runs away from her betrothed fiance, the King of Hell, and finds refuge on Earth disguised as a high school boy, Dong-young. "He" has a perverted best friend Bi-wal who likes to grope "him" in front of everyone and is sheltered by her best friend Ah-hin , the white tiger of the four guardians and her brother the red phoenix. The Four Guardians of Heaven are sent to find her in the mortal world. But on Earth, there is also hidden dangers and evil beings trying to capture the now vulnerable princess.

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The Guardians of Heaven, from left to right: Ee Jung, Ah hin, Woo Hyun and Doh Hyun

Kara has noted that Angel Diary takes place in the same universe as a previous work, Demon Diary, though any characters from the first series have yet to be seen, except as similarities in appearance. In volume 5, however, Ah-hin can be seen reading a Demon Diary volume