Ee-Jung in his Red Pheonix outfit. Holding his sword, (his scroll is behind him)

is one of the Four Guardians of Heaven, the "Red Phoenix", guardian of the South and the Spellcaster of the Four Guardians
. Because he is the Red Phoenix, it is traditional that he wore female clothing as a child and as a result, he was mistaken as Ah-hin by Woo-hyun. He is very protective of Ah-hin because she was bullied and is very cold toward Woo-hyun because he blames him for changing Ah-hin's personality. Ee-jung is close to his elder sister and will do almost whatever she asks of him. He is also a student at Dong-young's school.


Ee-Jung is shown to have a calm personality,but tends to "whine and complain." and is lazy, although he will do and does do everything for his beloved big sister Ah-hin.



Ah-hin thinks to herself about her pretty brother and the pretty male tree spirit. Ee-jung is the one with the Princess Lea braids

When the former Red Pheonix and White Tiger split up, Red Pheonix took her son with her, thus leaving Ah-hin as the heir to the White Tiger. Ee-Jung was, in turn, trained to become the Spell caster, Red Pheonix (although Red Pheonix is usually a woman and White Tiger is a man). Due to the fact that the clothing of the young Red Pheonix is traditionally female, and due to his pretty looks, Ee-jung was often mistaken for a girl, while Ah-hin, due to not dressing up and being somewhat scruffy, was mistaken for a boy.


Angel Diary 01

Ee-jung comforts Ah-hin after their father reprimands her for dressing up

Ee-jung is shown to be extremely protective and even 'codependent' on his half older sister Ah-hin. When they were little Ee-jung often saw how Ah-hin was treated by her father and how she got bullied by Woo-Hyun. Due to this he became extremely protective of her and hated Woo-Hyun.


It seems that since Ah-hin and Dong-Young were so close growing up that Ee-Jung has a reasonable friendship and respect for Dong Young.


Young eejung hate woohyun

Young Ee-Jung remembers Woo-hyun

Ee-Jung hates, hates, HATES Woo-Hyun. Even when Ah-hin starts dating him and Even when Ah-hin is going to MARRY him! Ee-jung still makes a deal with a younger cousin of their's (who also loves Ah-hin) to 'make his life miserable forever'.


Kextra 5.angel diary v13 extra 5 - 119

Ee-jung dress as a girl in a cosplay maids outfit.

Ee-jung is supposed to be extremely beautiful, he seems to take after his mother, the beautiful former red phoenix. He has green eyes and Hair and when in magical form, dons a red and white checkered magical outfit. usually he ties his hair in a ponytail, when out it seems to be about shoulder length. Ee-jung is so pretty that whe wearing womens clothing (which he is quite used to doing due to his childhood, as mentioned in the extra chapters) people mistake him for a beautiful girl.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Kextra 5.angel diary v13 extra 5 - 142

Ee-jung casts a complicated spell

Being the Red phoenix of the four guardians of Heaven Ee-jung is extremely strong, especially in spellcasting which is the Red-phoenix's speciality. He has a clear sword that can also be transformed into a scroll. He is shown to use the sword once in the manga, using it to slash opponents with the end rather than the edge of the sword. He also casts multiple spells, healing an injured Doh-hyun along with Mi-Hyang So-wal.